There are about 20 ongoing conflicts around the world.   A plain white flag is the international symbol of surrender or truce during conflict. The flag indicates peace and is usually flown or waved in times of war.  If an individual negotiator is carrying the white flag it means s/he is unarmed and has come in peace with the intent to surrender or negotiate.  A white flag is made of any material available at the time and it is the symbol itself, not the flag, which signifies its meaning. A white hanky or white paper may be used to indicate the person's intentions. People carrying the white flag are expected to remain neutral and are not allowed to participate in war-like acts.
White Flags was Kris Ericksen's entry to the 2009 World of Wearable Arts Illumination Secton (UV or "black" light) and consisted of 24 white flags made from ripped cotton that hang off a frame constructed of plastic pipe.  Mentioned in a review of WOW.
The sculpture "works" both when carried in UV light and when hanging by itself in ordinary light.
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